Dr. Lukas F. Lang



I am a researcher in applied mathematics and computational science. Currently, I am an external lecturer at the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien.

Until recently, I held a position as a research associate within the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge. I was a member of the Cambridge Image Analysis group and was supervised by Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb.

Prior to Cambridge, I was a research scientist at the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM) and part of the Inverse Problems and Mathematical Imaging group.

I earned a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Vienna, where I was supervised by Otmar Scherzer. During my PhD studies I was a member of the Computational Science Center (CSC) and of the Vienna Graduate School in Computational Science.


  • Inverse problems
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2015

    University of Vienna

  • MSc in Computational Intelligence, 2012

    TU Wien

  • BSc in Software & Info. Engineering, 2010

    TU Wien


Selected Publications

Joint Motion Estimation and Source Identification using Convective Regularisation with an Application to the Analysis of Laser Nanoablations

LFL, N. Dutta, E. Scarpa, B. Sanson, C.-B. Schönlieb, and J. Étienne.

Submitted, 2019 [bioRxiv] [Code] [Data]

Optical flow analysis reveals that Kinesin-mediated advection impacts on the orientation of microtubules

M. Drechsler, LFL, H. Dirks, M. Burger, C.-B. Schönlieb, and I. M. Palacios

Submitted, 2019 [bioRxiv] [Code]

A Numerical Framework for Efficient Motion Estimation on Evolving Sphere-Like Surfaces based on Brightness and Mass Conservation Laws


SIAM J. Imaging Sci., 2019 [DOI] [ArXiv] [Code] [Data]

Template-Based Image Reconstruction from Sparse Tomographic Data

LFL, S. Neumayer, O. Öktem, and C.-B. Schönlieb

Appl. Math. Optim., 2019 [DOI] [ArXiv] [Code]

A Dynamic Programming Solution to Bounded Dejittering Problems


SSVM, 2017 [DOI] [ArXiv] [Code]

Optical flow on evolving sphere-like surfaces

LFL, O. Scherzer

Inverse Probl. Imaging, 2017 [DOI] [ArXiv] [Code]

Optical flow on evolving surfaces with space and time regularisation

C. Kirisits, LFL, O. Scherzer

J. Math. Imaging Vision, 2015 [DOI] [ArXiv]

Decomposition of optical flow on the sphere

C. Kirisits, LFL, and O. Scherzer

GEM - Int. J. Geomath., 2014 [DOI] [ArXiv] [Code]


TU Wien, Austria

University of Cambridge, UK


Available upon request.